Rubin Fortunato Tops in PA for Women

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March 1, 2010

The Paoli law firm of Rubin, Fortunato & Harbison P.C. is ranked number one in Pennsylvania for percentage of female attorneys, according to an industry report released by Pennsylvania Law Weekly.

The recently released “PaLAW Annual Report on the Legal Profession” ranks firms each year throughout the Commonwealth in a number of areas: financials, growth, and geographical presence, to name a few. Rubin Fortunato is the 56th largest firm in the state. However, with 23 women comprising close to 60% of the firm’s overall attorney count, Rubin Fortunato tops the report’s list of firms in 2009 for percentage of female attorneys.

“We are certainly pleasantly surprised to be recognized for our diversity, and more importantly nearly half of our female attorneys are shareholders,” said Michael J. Fortunato, chair of the Employment Group. “But without regard to gender, we are most proud of the tremendous collection of talent that we have assembled to service our clients’ employment needs.”

“Certainly, women face challenges in the workplace and in the legal industry, especially working mothers,” said Michelle A. Liebesman, a senior shareholder and member of the firm’s management committee. “But attorneys – men and women alike – will always be drawn to and thrive in an environment where hard work is rewarded, education and training are supported, and teamwork is commonplace.”

Rubin Fortunato has built a nationally-respected employment law practice based in suburban Philadelphia, PA representing both corporations and individuals in virtually all areas related to employment law.

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