Who We Are

Ours is a Law Firm of Action

Rubin Fortunato earned a national reputation for enforcement of restrictive covenants and protection of trade secrets in the securities industry, especially through swift and deft filings for injunctive relief when minutes matter. The practice has grown. The firm now represents banks, health care providers, universities, tech and mortgage companies, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies in every aspect of the employment relationship. Today, the firm’s long-held “minutes matter” approach applies to every client problem, whether writing employment contracts, hiring from the competition, drafting employment policies, providing advice, counseling on disciplining and separating employees, enforcing restrictive covenants, or litigating a wide range of issues for employers.

Early Evaluation is Our Hallmark

The critical first step is our immediate evaluation of the case. There is no down time, which is meaningful to today’s business leaders because early evaluation and action increase the likelihood of a successful (and cost-effective) outcome.

We Take Strategic Action

Our approach is more than tactical. We know the big picture and examine the client’s problem in that light. We anticipate scenarios, forecast actions by the players, and help clients consider the short- and long-term implications of their decisions. Business practicalities weigh heavily in every risk-reward analysis and drive our recommendations.

We Bank Everything We Learn

We store and manage each case’s research and work product so that future clients and matters benefit.  Our knowledge management includes data regarding judges, arbitrators, and mediators. We consult with hundreds of lawyers in our national network for jurisdictional and substantive insights. We consult our historical contracts, pleadings, and other legal documents for faster response. Our resources are dynamic, and we mine and work them to uncover every legal, business, and cost advantage for the client.

We Deliver Value for Clients

Our lawyers’ focused experience and knowledge, and talent for early evaluation and resolution of matters, result in standout cost efficiencies for clients. Rubin Fortunato is the Big Law alternative for representation in workplace asset protection, hiring from the competition, and traditional employment and commercial litigation matters.

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