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July 11, 2019

At the end of May 2019, Law360 released its Glass Ceiling Report in which it concluded that a lack of parity continues to exist for female attorneys in private practice. Law360 has republished the report – as recently as this week – in connection with its Diversity Snapshots. Rubin Fortunato commends the law firms that Law360 ranked for its representation of female attorneys. Though our Firm was not among the law firms surveyed, we’re pleased to note that female attorney representation within our Firm exceeds the averages that Law360 published for a law firm of our size (Rubin Fortunato would have been in the 20-49 Lawyers category). As of December 31, 2018 (the relevant period for the survey):
• 50% of our attorneys were women (compared to the 37.8% average for a law firm of our size)
• 50% of our non-partners were women (compared to the 46.4% average)
• 50% of our partners (all equity) were women (compared to the 28.8% average for partners and the 25.4% average for equity partners)

In addition:
• 40% of the attorneys on Rubin Fortunato’s Management Committee are women
• A female attorney leads one of our Firm’s three core practice areas
• Another female attorney serves as Special Counsel and leads our Firm’s eDiscovery group

And our commitment to women in the legal profession continues in 2019:
• 52% of our attorneys are women
• 80% of our non-partners are women
• 45% of our partners (all equity) are women
• Our sole Summer Associate is a woman
• Our two recent Associate hires are both women

These statistics reflect not only Rubin Fortunato’s commitment to women in the legal profession but also our commitment to the pursuit of excellence for our clients and our community.

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