Key Takeaways from the Women, Diversity & Law: Awareness Into Action Summit About Unconscious Bias and Discrimination

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Michelle A. Liebesman

December 6, 2019

On Wednesday, in a room of remarkably talented and energized women at the Women, Diversity & Law: Awareness into Action Summit, I was one of five female attorney panelists leading a discussion about Dealing with Unconscious Bias & Discrimination. I wanted to share my takeaways on this important issue.

Because unconscious biases can influence decision-making and behaviors, biases can give individuals and groups unearned advantages and disadvantages in the workplace. We can disrupt and effectively address bias

• through company-wide training and education
• by implementing policies that encourage diversity from the top down
• by proactively mentoring and assigning work to those who may have values, beliefs, and certain conventions that are distinctly different from our own
• by broadening the pool of potential candidates by posting jobs to affinity groups and recruiting from higher institutions with a diverse student body.

If you would like to discuss promoting diversity in your organization, please contact me.



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