Restrictive Covenant Enforcement and Trade Secret Protection

Protect Your Company’s Assets A company’s success may rest entirely on its trade secrets or sensitive proprietary business information. Employees who breach restrictive covenants

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Employment Law

Minimize and Resolve Traditional Employment Disputes Our trial lawyers have a record of success litigating Title VII discrimination cases, age discrimination cases, claims under the

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Competitive Hiring

Go Hire: Hiring from Your Competitors and Minimizing Risk Companies want to hire the best and the brightest. Hiring from competitors is fair game today, but if the candidate has signed

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Commercial and Civil Litigation

Resolving Disputes with Speed and Efficiency Our lawyers have extensive trial experience and unsurpassed intellectual firepower. As a consequence, many of our clients have requested

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Higher Education

Thinking Ahead on Employment, Student, Privacy, Title IX, and FERPA Issues Unique to Colleges and Universities Rubin Fortunato represents both public and private universities and

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